Every opportunity has its costs. On hindsight, we celebrate the great ones and try not to regret the missed ones. How then, should we approach opportunities that come our way?

To me, it’s about understanding how we want to mold ourselves, and using that to influence our decisions accordingly.

Two years ago, I had a cushy consulting job at Pivotal Labs Singapore when I was given the opportunity to join a file sharing company called “Kicksend”. I’d have to uproot and join these two guys – whom I had just met – across the world.

Two years on, revenue is jumping monthly. The team is growing; from the three of us in an acupuncturist office to a well rounded company with a new Singapore engineering office. And we’re on a roadmap I’m personally excited about.

Along the way, I’ve rejected my share of worthless recruiter emails and worthy opportunities. Further scaling Kicksend at this stage puts me in excellent stead when I do inevitably start a company of my own once again.

Opportunities are transient. Whenever one comes along – no matter how small or large – give it some thought. Will it make you happier? Does it help you grow as person? Will you be working towards your dream?

In the end, pick the opportunity that lets you best optimize yourself.

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